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What’s in it for me?

Why Contribute?

If you have ever used Facebook, twitter or any other social media tool, you fall into one of two categories: stalker or talker.  That sounds a little harsh, I agree, but let me clarify.  If you are the type of person that just uses social media to find out what people are doing,  you never post, never tweet, and never upload photos, then you are a stalker.  I get it.  You don’t want people in your business or you are paranoid when it comes to privacy.  If you follow the news I can see why and if you don’t have a good understanding of how an application works, it can be scary.  I have friends in both of those categories.

So why contribute?  Why post your thoughts, upload vacation photos or even create an online blog?  What is in it for you?  That is a very good question.  First of all, the obvious — convenience.  The web has made sharing media easy and simple.  Gone are the days of having to make sure your friend or mom can open a particular type of video format.  With so many people using the same sharing platform (like Facebook) it also gives you an easy way of sharing different types of information to more than one person instantaneously.  This can be both convenient and disastrous.  There are many stories of people sending messages to people thinking it was private only to find out from friends that it went public.  So realize that the convenience comes with a price.

Let’s face it, everyone Googles.  When you are trying to apply for a new job I can guarantee you, they will Google you.  You are probably thinking, well that makes a good case for not contributing to the web. Quite the opposite actually.  The way that I look at it is that it’s like being seen at parties around town.  The more people get used to seeing your face, the more popular you appear.  This analogy is the same with respect to Google.  Posting and contributing to your own blog or other blogs can help you climb that Google ladder.  Obviously, be intelligent when you are posting.  Avoid attaching your name to drunkn’ half naked photos or posts that include rants or mean comments.  Be smart and make your mark at the parties around the Internet.

Probably the most basic reason for contributing is the web is the only place where the playing field is level.  Anyone can make a comment, create a blog or explore their artistry with photos.  Every voice can be heard (or read).  Let’s face it, sometimes feeling like you belong and are being heard can be worth it alone.  Perhaps there are interests that you have that your friend’s don’t share.  Some where on the internet there is a place for you to communicate.  Whether it is answers to medical questions or just your  favorite collectors items.  You can find it.

So start out small.  Look around, do some reading and start with a small comment on someone’s website.  Soon enough you will have your own blog and fielding your comments to your own thoughts about the web.



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