Christopher Bazin - Developer and Analyst

Christopher Bazin – USC Grad Student/Webmaster/Sprinkle-Donut Hunter, exploring the technical world and learning how to communicate!

All About Me

This is me. Christopher Bazin. I work at USC and most days I can be found hunched over my computer or  making people laugh in the hallway.  I am very lucky since I enjoy my job, the people I work with and the challenges that find me everyday.

I started my technical career following my best friend.  I literally followed him to the local university to use their computers.  The effect computers had on me at that young age was a great one since after many career detours I still ended up using, programming and teaching them. I graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Electrical Engineering and from there found my way down to Los Angeles.

Spring of 2011 I finished my Masters in Communication Management at USC in the APOC track. APOC stands for the Charles Annenberg Weingarten Program for Online Communities. This was an amazing opportunity to focus on the business, development, conceptual and communication of computing today. Ultimately it provides me with the tools to step away from the dark office corners to meeting, greeting and making things happen. In a nut shell, being the idea guy.